In this section,

I wanna share my ideas with u.

if u wanna presentations(ppt) under specific best choice is:

U need a name or color code of web safe colors:

U wanna different patterns with customizable  shapes, colors

If u’re searching for online dictionary,

Itz esp. for css ie bugs

If u wanna learn ruby with realtime with lively,

u’re in confused for something,try this

create pdf online, convert excel,ppt, word into pdf max.size =10mb

Create pdf with watermarks, max 2mb (free)

We can create pdf online and download immediately on this site.only thing to do is copy the URL of page u needed

If u’re searching for the  facilities like Photoshop avail  at online ,

Collection ajax-jquery plugins avail at:

Find the file extension

Learning indian languages

Sample covering letter models

To create website map with easy and shortime

To download the vector images

To got the latitude and longitude

HTML basics with crispy examples

To find the internet speed

Are you looking for quotes?

Looking for entities at online

Free mobile apps downloads

list of freebies

online calculations

Free mobile application,games download

For new css3,jQuery techniques refer this:

If u wanna Learn other languages please  go there:


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